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  1. Download the archive script.
  2. Edit the archive date (usage data earlier than this date will be archived). You can view the progress in the Messages tab in SQL Management Studio

    set @cuttingDate = '201601012016-01-01', (date format: YYYYMMDDYYYY-MM-DD)

  3. Stop the CardioLog Scheduling Service and CardioLog Diagnostics Service.
  4. Execute the script against the CardioLog database.
  5. When the script has completed being executed, shrink the CardioLog database transaction log (The process may take up to a few hours, depending on the amount of data you wish to archive).
  6. Restart the CardioLog Scheduling Service and CardioLog Diagnostics Service.
  7. After executing the archive script, the data will be moved to archive tables (tab_event_log_archive, tab_event_log_users_archive, tab_geo_log_archive, tab_goal_log_archive, tab_goal_test_log_archive, tab_test_log_archive, tab_referrer_log_archive) and will no longer be available in reports. In order to free up disk space copy these tables to backup and then truncate these tables in the CardioLog database.
  8. In order to restore the data from archive, please contact us to receive the un-archive script.