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 The tracking agent can Occasionally, changes in your system may affect CardioLog behavior. If you notice errors in data collection, it may be due to a failure in the tracking agent. The tracking agent may fail due to various reasons, including network issues, database connection problems, and insufficient permissions. Issues can occur at each step of the data collection process, which we've broken down into these points:

  1. Downloading the Tracking Code - The JavaScript tracking code is added to a SharePoint common page component and is downloaded to the client browser with each page request.
  2. Personalizing Content (Optional) - Information about the visitor segments is downloaded to the client browser with each page request. The JavaScript code hides the content of the page, adds or modifies page elements and finally re-displays the page according to visitor segments.
  3. Tracking Usage Data - Data about user actions within website pages are sent to the CardioLogAgent web application via asynchronous JavaScript calls using AJAX.
  4. Storing Usage Data - The CardioLogAgent web application passes on the usage information via HTTP/S web requests, to the EventCollector web application, which writes the data into the CardioLog database.

For assistance in troubleshooting tracking agent errors, please open a new support ticket.